Boris Skateboards

Boris Skateboards started in 1997 in a backyard garage in Miami Beach, Florida with just an idea and a blank piece of wood. Soon the idea found itself as our first shape, the Double-Winger Bat Tail. Since then, the garage is long gone, bulldozed over and we moved into a warehouse and the skateboards shapes have expanded into a multitude of different styles, sizes and colors.

We wanted the riders to have the feeling of carving clean lines, similar to surfing or snowboarding; Skating to its fullest extreme! Once we had that figured out, it was time to make our boards not only pleasing to the rider, but to the eye! A revolution in the skate industry, having a board everyone could enjoy, skater or not. Boris had idea of gracing the decks with funky fabric shipped directly from Hawaii, Bali and Tahiti. Boris Skateboards are not just boards, each one is also a one of a kind piece of art!

The decks are constructed of Baltic Birch wood and come in ply widths of 9, 11 and 13. We use tracker trucks and angled riser pads to make the turning faster and give the boards more driver response. The bearings are Abec 5’s produced by tracker. The whole board rides on a set of kryptonic wheels. The end result being absolutely amazing!

Whether it’s a need for speed or just carving clean smooth lines through the concrete jungle, Boris Skateboards are the sidewalk surfing crafts everyone one should ride!

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